Home asthma diagnostics and monitoring for young children 

Indirect nocturnal lung function measurement

A new paradigm for the assessment and management of asthma


Ventica® System provides physicians with a reliable, quantitative assessment of asthmatic children aged 5 years and younger.


Using the Ventica® Recorder at home requires just a few, easy steps, which can be easily performed by the parents.


Measurement is comfortable for the child as Ventica®’s measurements are made non-intrusively while the child is asleep. Proprietary algorithms analyze a child’s breathing data, to allow for a reliable determination of their Expiratory Variability Index - EVI® .

  • Comfortable for young children
  • Home measurement
  • Reliable quantitative result

Why use Ventica® System for your younger patients

Helps ensure that the child’s asthma is brought under control

Routine use of the Ventica® System can help you to keep the asthma under control and alert you to a worsening of the asthma or other deterioration in lung function.

Modifying or stopping treatment

When complemented by other clinical and diagnostic assessments, Ventica® can offer you an indication of changes in child’s asthma allowing for early intervention and modification of the treatment level, up to a potential treatment stop based on an objective measurement of lung function.

Diagnosing pediatric asthma

Ventica® offers quantitative objective data to support the asthma diagnosis, when complemented by other clinical and diagnostic assessments.


How to use Ventica®