Are you interested in doing clinical research with Ventica?

Recent studies show how Ventica provides an unprecedented, objective view of young children’s lung function with recurrent respiratory symptoms ( Still more clinical data is needed and now we have launched a clinical research campaign:

We offer you an opportunity to do clinical research with Ventica, either by adding Ventica to your on-going study or by conducting a completely new study.

What we are looking for:

• Studies of obstructive pulmonary diseases in children under six years; recurrent wheeze, asthma, CF, bronchiolitis etc.
• Investigator-initiated research in Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA
• Study duration of less than one year
• Feedback on the product
• Possible reference and testimonial at your discretion

What we offer you:

• Ventica recorders
• Ventica Analytics Software
• Accessories (electrodes, shirts, batteries)
• Product training and support
• Possibility to export raw measurement data
• Possibility to buy the Ventica devices at a reduced price after the study has ended

Please contact Ventica’s R&D Manager Ville-Pekka Seppä ( for more information.