EAACI Preschool Wheeze Task Force recognizes Ventica as a promising lung function test

Ventica has now been recognized for the first time as a promising lung function test for infants by an international task force. The task force is preparing the EAACI Clinical Practice Recommendations on Diagnostics of Preschool Wheeze and they have now published a systematic review of lung function testing and inflammation markers for wheezing preschool children.

According to the article, “preschool wheeze is highly prevalent, and 30-50% of children have wheezed at least once before six years of age”. The objective assessment of lung function is essential to avoid over and under-treatment of preschool wheeze, and there is an urgent need for improved diagnostic methods and further research.

Read the abstract here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33222297/. Impedance Pneumography (Ventica) is mentioned in the full article among the new approaches (row 455).