Prof. Mika Mäkelä starts as Clinical Advisor for Ventica

We are pleased to announce that Professor Mika Mäkelä has started as Clinical Advisor for Ventica. Mäkelä is Head of Skin and Allergy Diseases division at Helsinki University Hospital and an internationally distinguished expert in the field of pediatric asthma and allergy with over 200 publications and several positions in international working groups and expert panels. The information provided by Mäkelä’s research group has affected pediatric asthma diagnostic and care guidelines in Finland and internationally. He will be a valuable resource for the development of the Ventica System.

Prof. Mika Mäkelä says: ”Optimal asthma care of pediatric patients also requires objective measurements to support clinicians in the decision making. Impedance pneumography provided by the Ventica system is a highly promising tool for pediatricians working with asthma in young children.”